10 Ways To Save the Planet
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10 Ways To Save The Planet

10 Ways To Save The Planet.

We can all appreciate the impact we have on our planet. Sometimes you may think it is hard to make a difference to Mother Nature. But we have comprised an easy list of 10 things that you can do at home and teach your children to make a difference to the impact we make. Here are 10 Ways To Save the Planet.

  1. 1. Water Use – turn the taps off when you aren’t using the water (brushing your teeth). Use cold water washes in your washing machine where possible. Make sure your taps and toilets aren’t leaking. Drink tap water (filtered of course) and use sustainable bottles and refill them!
  2. Recycle and Reuse – there are always people looking for used jars. Give them away to friends or family or even jump on a wedding Facebook site and post them! Brides LOVE glass jars for centre pieces. Use them at home to store foods like rice, pasta, sugar, flour! Choose items at the shops with less packaging. Do you need to put it in a plastic bag or can you carry it? Ensure you use your recycling bin properly and every day!
  3. Compost – This is a great way to be mindful on how much you are wasting and a great way to give back to the environment! Kids love to learn how to compost and after all you can see worms! If you don’t have a garden you can use your compost on, again give it away to a friend/neighbour or advertise on social media.
  4. Change your lights – Changing your lights to energy saving lights can reduce your electricity bills as well as the reduction of greenhouse gases. Turning your lights and appliances off when you aren’t using them will also help save money and the planet!
  5. Buy Recycled items – Things like paper, napkins, paper towel and toilet paper are all ways to help keep the planet happy.


  6. Use Biodegradable items – Did you know you can get biodegradable kitty litter and doggy poop bags? Breeders choice kitty litter is made of recycled paper and is biodegradable, catsbest is also a great brand to use. Flushable poop bags and ohcrap pop bags are all environmentally friendly and breakdown.
  7. Purchase fresh – Head down to your local farmers markets and purchase your products fresh! There are so many perks to doing this, supporting local families and businesses, buying fresh clean fruit and veg, reducing the impact on the earth of transporting, manufacturing and storing foods in big name super-markets.
  8. Use your own bags – Stop using plastic bags and start using the enviro bags or even an old bag you have at home. Bags kill so much wildlife every year and it’s something that we can all easily reduce the amount of at home.
  9. When you see rubbish pick it up – Sounds simple but not everyone does it. It only takes a few people to actively pick up rubbish to encourage others to do it as well. Why do we only do it once a year? Did you know that in Rwanda in Africa they have a clean-up day once a month, where everyone signs in like we do to vote and picks up rubbish. Do you know how much rubbish I personally saw on the streets when I was there, none. They didn’t litter because they knew they would have to pick it up eventually anyway.
  10. Buy rechargeable batteries. Batteries are a part of our lives if we like it or not, so why not invest in rechargeable batteries and help out by not putting the toxic ingredients in batteries into the ground.

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