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We are a Pet Minding business  across Australia, we are owned and operated by Veterinary Nurse Kylie Bennett,  With her own experience with animals from hermit crabs to horses and even crocodiles you can be sure that your best friend is safe and loved while you’re away. She knows how hard it is to leave your loved one behind and strives to make you and your best friend(s) comfortable and special. No job is too big or too small for her and her nurses!

With our pet carers being veterinary nurses and animal attendants and Kylie herself having 10 years nursing experience and 7 years pet minding experience you can be sure to relax while your on holidays, after all that’s what they are for! We strive to make your fur-babies as comfortable and happy as they would be if you were still at home!

Kylie Bennett | Owner Gold Coast

Kylie knew at a young age that her heart belonged to the animals, growing up she was fortunate enough to have many friends – peacocks, chickens, ducks. dogs, cats, birds, fish, and horses. As she grew up and left school Kylie studied as a veterinary nurse and hasn’t looked back since. Kylie worked as a vet nurse and practice manager at award winning Vet Clinics whose patients varied from pocket pets – guinea pigs and mice, reptiles – lizards, snakes, hermit crabs, turtles, crocodiles, birds, dogs, cats, large animals – goats, horses, cows, and even natives like sugar gliders! There’s no animals that doesn’t melt this girls heart!

At home at the moment Kylie has a cat, two dogs, a cockatoo, fish, a snake and of course her horse. Kylie has a variety of certificates including a Certificate IV veterinary nursing with over 11 years experience, certificate IV in Frontline Management, D and D star Certificate in horse riding.  Kylie is available in the middle of the Gold Coast to care for your pet, she can do daily visits, dogs stay in her home, or live in your home stays.

Nicole McGuinness (Veterinarian) | Southern Gold Coast

Nicole is  veterinarian with Kylie and Stacey and has experience in all our domestic friends, she is a confessed cat lover but has 3 dogs, 2 budgies and a hand reared talking lorikeet who she raised from a fluffy grey chick.  Nicole loves keeping fit with spin classes and loves a good crime show. Based in on the southern end of the Gold Coast, Nicole is able to look after all babies with daily visits and live in, if her little foxy Buddy is welcome too!

Wendy | South Brisbane

Aunty Wendy has done Pet and house sitting for relatives and friends since 1999. Aunty Wendy adores small to medium sized dogs and loves cats. She joins us from the Poppins Pet Sitters team of Nannies.  Aunty Wendy has a 16year old cat ‘Smokey-Jo  (when in trouble-l it’s Smokey-Josephine as in the French Queen) She is looking forward to caring for your pets.

Terri McSavaney (Veterinary Nurse) | Central Gold Coast

Introducing Aunty Terri! Aunty Terri has been vet nursing for 13 years now. During this time she has obtained her cert 4 in veterinarian nursing. She started of as a junior vet nurse and worked her way up to been a senior nurse. She has 3 fur babies a wolfhound X Mastiff, A Doberman X, both complete gentle giants and prefer little furry friends to big ones! But the boss of the family is her cat. Just recently Aunty Terri Has added a Human baby to the family. So has gone down to part time work vet nursing. Aunty Terri loves looking after peoples fur babies and have them been part of her family and is looking forward to welcoming you all into her extended family!

Jess (Veterinary Nurse) | Central Gold Coast

Aunty Jess is from across the sea, she grew up in New Zealand on a farm surrounded by domestic pets and farm animals. She has a lot of experience here with cats and dogs and also farm animals, deer, goats, chickens and pigs, nothing is too much for this Aunty. Jess has completed her certificate IV vet nurse with 8 years experience. Currently practice manager/ head nurse at a large small animal vet clinic. Her fur family consists of her two cats and her spoilt rotten Weimeraner. Jess loves looking after people’s fur babies and will treat them and spoil them as if they were her own. She also loves forming a bond with the fur babies and their owners. Aunty Jess is available for daily visits, live in or in her home, she is also Aunty Kylie’s right hand man and looks after the business when needed.

Aunty Stacey | Gatton and Surrounds

Aunty Stacey is a current vet student at UQ Gatton. She has experience with a variety of animals and can handle animals with a range of medical condition. She exudes a caring nature for all animals and enjoys their company. Being a “nanny” at Poppins Pet-sitters for over 2.5 years, Aunty Stacey had taken care of dogs, cats, birds, chicken and fish. Aunty Stacey is excited to join Love Laugh Play Pet Minding and is looking forward to giving your babies lots of love and cuddles. Aunty Stacey is available to do daily visits/walks, have your babies staying at her place in Laidley, or overnight house/pet-sitting at your home.

Kellie B | Hinterland Gold Coast

I’m a proud mum of two beautiful children Reef and Taura. Both fill my heart up everyday with grateful moments and remind me everyday animals are important around us. I call my daughter the animal whisperer and reef has so much energy all he wants to do is run around outside with our Fur baby Max(miniature dachshund) all day. My husband and I have built a life up in the Hinterland of Beechmont and live on a property with chickens and fruit trees. My husband and I work at the Australian Outback Spectacular so we have loads of experience with all kids. We are more than excited to cuddle your babies. Aunty Kellie B may not be a veterinary nurse but the utmost care and fun is had in her home and she has the full support of the nursing family within LLP

Kellie C | South East Brisbane

Aunty Kellie is currently studying a Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing and will be qualified very soon! She is a Professional Pet Groomer and completed a Certificate III Companion Animals and Certificate III Animal Studies. Including two year’s work experience as a Vet Nurse student and two weeks of training as a receptionist with the Animal Eye Services. During her course, she has two weeks experience with the RSPCA. Aunty Kellie has also grew up with animals and going to zoos has always inspired her to learn more about animals great and small. She lives in the South East Brisbane region and has two dogs called Snoopy and Yuki. She also finds working with animals very rewarding and loves meeting new people. Aunty Kellie is able to stay at your home or do daily visits to ensure your fur babies are comfortable in their own home!

Larrah (Veterinary Nurse) | Gold Coast

My name is Larrah, I’m the mother of one beautiful fur child, Hunter the Bullmastiff. I am a qualified Vet Nurse who has been working In the Animal Management and Veterinary industry for the past 8 years. I have large and small animal experience and more than happy to care for all furry/ hairy / scaly extended family members with the promise of lots of cuddles and love. Larrah is available to have kids stay in her home.

Linda (Veterinary Nurse) | Sunshine Coast

I am a qualified Cert IV vet nurse with more than 20 years experience, so I am sure no one will prove too difficult to love. I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2015 from Western Australia. My pets include 2 cats rescued from death row, a mastiff puppy whose mum was a rescue dog and a Woma python. I live in Landsborough and am available to do daily visits, have your little one holiday at my home or can stay in your home for short stays. Looking forward to seeing meeting you all.

Danielle | Southern Qld and Northern NSW

Aunty Danielle is a qualified veterinary nurse and has been working in the veterinary industry for 3 years. She also has the joy of being a puppy pre-school teacher! Aunty Danielle has 1 fur baby of her own named Layla, she is a Irish Wolfhound X Bull Arab. She has been pet minding since early 2017, and loves knowing that her clients can feel comfortable leaving their fur babies in capable hands and not having to worry while they are away. She cannot wait to meet you and your babies!

Tammy (Veterinary Nurse) | Bullsbrook, WA

Aunty Tammy has recently become a qualified vet nurse after deciding on a career change a few years ago. She has always dreamt of working with animals and has always surrounded herself with them at home. Aunty Tammy grew up in country WA where she had many farm animals as well as domestic pets. Currently Aunty Tammy lives on a small hobby farm with her husband, 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 alpacas, 9 sheep, 6 chooks and 6 peach-faced lovebirds. Aunty Tammy is more than happy looking after most animals from the very small to the very large. Aunty Tammy is available to check on and feed your pets while you are away or for short stays at your home.

Hollie | Biggera Waters (Gold Coast)

Aunty Hollie is currently studying Cert 2 in Animal Studies and Cert 4 in Veterinary Nursing. She grew up on a mini farm with a pet cow, pig, lamb, 2 dogs, 4 horses, a rabbit and a cat so she’s always had a passion for animals. Aunty Hollie’s services would include: dog walking, daily visits, house and pet sitting (live in) and small babies in her home.

Anna | Brisbane

Aunty Anna just loves animals and has a wide range of experience! She is not only a Veterinary Nurse, but has also been a wildlife carer in the Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre. Aunty Anna even has her very own book “Microbats. Megabats. Rescue and rehabilitation” (Moscow State University publisher, 2016). She has given a lecture within a wildlife conservation holiday Bat Night and within a conference Animal Psychology-2016 in Saint-Petersburg in 2016. In her home town of Russia she has a Canadian Sphinx cat, but she cannot wait to have your FurBabies as a part of her extended family here in Aus!

Aunty Cara | North Brisbane

Aunty Cara is passionate about the care and welfare of all animals, and can’t wait to look after your furry, feathered and scaly pets. She has over 2 year’s experience in pet sitting, as well as in medical and rehabilitation visits. Aunty Cara is a Cert IV qualified veterinary nurse with experience in caring for all types of animals at the RSPCA domestic and wildlife hospitals. Aunty Cara has an 8yo Norwegian Forest Cat who was rescued from the streets as a young kitten. She also lives with her family’s 2 small dogs, cockatiel, and a myriad of wildlife from possums to flying foxes that she cares for as a registered wildlife carer.

Anrie (Trainee Vet Nurse) | Sunshine Coast

Born in South Africa my love for animals great and small began young. My love for animals has been ever present in my life, now at 21 years of age I am studying toward becoming a Vet Nurse giving me the ability to not only bring love and joy to the lives of animals and their owners but also save the lives of the most precious parts of us, our fur babies. I have a passion for all kinds of fur babies and would love to look after yours!

Ashleigh | Gold Coast 

This is Aunty Ash C or as some people like to call her “that crazy cat lady”. Aunty Ash C is a fur mum to two cats, a pure breed Kelpie, and a Kelpie x greyhound. Previous to having her little human boy she did actually work for LLP and she also worked in vet clinics as a nurse, as well as volunteering with the rspca, with both the domestic animals and the wildlife clinics. Aunty Ash is now a stay at home mum and has plenty of time, and room in her heart, to love your pets as if they were her own.

Tracey (Vet Nurse) | Gold Coast

Aunty Tracey has always had a way with animals from young age with her gentle touch and patient approach. For her love of all animals large and small. Aunty Tracey is thorough in all aspects of care and shows great compassion towards animals.
A certificate IVof veterinary nursing and 5 years volunteering at a wildlife hospital. Aunty Tracey’s family consists of 3 gorgeous animal babies and is the proud fur mother of terrier x (sweet meg), domestic cat (George) and a dear friend adopted welsh pony (Sid). Aunty Tracey is available to care for your pet for daily visits or live in your home stay.

Jasmine | Sunshine Coast 

Aunty Jasmine lives on the Sunshine Coast with her family and their beautiful Border Collie! She grew up on a farm in a small country town and always had lots of pets..big and small! From country to beach Aunty Jasmine now enjoys taking her fur baby for a run in the sand and a swim in the ocean.  She can assure you that your fur baby will be well loved and cared for.  Aunty Jasmine is available for dog walking and pet minding in your home.

Jacinta (Vet Nurse) | South Brisbane

Aunty Jac is the type of person who at a party, would find the dog for pats and cuddles first. She discovered her passion for animals at a young age and quickly knew she wanted to work with them. She is currently studying her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing to fulfill that dream. Her family currently consists of her and her partner, a border collie, two cats and two quaker parrots. She is available in the South Brisbane area and has plentiful experience to care for your furry and feathery babies!

Nicky | Southern Gold Coast 

Aunty Nicky has had fur babies of many varieties, but mainly dogs & horses. She initially volunteered for the Animal Welfare & then joined their team. She knew her passion would always be to work with animals. Aunty Nicky went on to work as a Vet Nurse for around 15 years gaining various qualifications including Cert IV veterinary nursing and Canine behaviour, where she taught Puppy Preschool for many years. Aunty Nicky lives on South end of the Gold Coast with her husband, son, Elvis the budgie & Chamois the moodle, but she as all the time to offer care and lots of hugs & love to your pets too!

Kel | Gold Coast

Aunty Kel would love the opportunity to give your fur babies some love and attention, when life happens for you and events or adventure calls, but you want to know your babies are well attended too. Aunty Kel has spent over 15 years as a marine biologist and SCUBA diver here on the Gold Coast working with sharks and marine turtles and for the last 10 worked as a commercial diver. She is passionate about all animals – not just the underwater variety and have had the opportunity to volunteer with orangutans, elephants as well as spent time in cheetah rehabilitation facilities. Aunty Kel is also a qualified zoo curator and have assisted the veterinarian team at my work place with surgeries, medication administration, animal observation and records and daily husbandry (cleaning/feeding) tasks. She grew up on a farm in country Victoria with lots of animals to entertain and care for and she currently has 2 beautiful senior puppies (both 11yrs old) that make her smile every day.

Jaime | Southern Queensland

Aunty Jaime has a great love for animals, and a big soft spot for dogs. She has an 11 year old Blue Heeler and she adores making new friends when they have fur-babies stay in their home.

Alex | Northern Gold Coast/South Brisbane

Aunty Alex is a vet nursing student with a passion for animals! She grew up on a properties throughout central Queensland providing her with experience in caring for cattle, horses, pigs, birds, cat and dogs! Aunty Alex has two conures of her own that are extremely spoiled. She is excited to offer to offer you dog walking, medication visits, nail clipping, house and pet sitting in your home, daily visits, and having your beloved fur-babies in her home for sleepovers.

Janett | Gold Coast

Aunty Janett is an honest, caring and reliable animal lover. She studied Veterinary Nursing at Victoria University in Melbourne and has extensive experience working in clinics, volunteering and boarding kennels. Aunty Janett is comfortable around a range of animals. Big or small, she loves them all. She has her own rescue pup that she rescued at the end of 2017 and she has been living the dream since! Aunty Janett knows how it feels when you have to leave your fur baby in the care of another person, it can be quite anxiety inducing wondering if this person will give the same love and care as you do to your own animal. Her passion and love for animals will ensure every pets needs are tended to, given plenty of cuddles, given the care and love as if it were her own.

Lauren | Northern Gold Coast

Aunty Lauren is a qualified veterinary nurse with over 10 years’ experience. She is currently working in a boutique veterinary clinic in Pacific Pines. Aunty Lauren has had many pets over the years including her late cattle dog Maddox, who she had for 12 years. Aunty Lauren’s career started at the Animal Welfare League where she fostered many animals throughout that time. She is a mother of two boys and would love to provide daily dog walking, house calls and general assistance. Aunty Lauren’s whole family are big animal lovers and they welcome your pet into our home as if it were one of their own.

Emily | North Brisbane

Aunty Emily is hardworking, determined and passionate animal person who loves to spend time with pets and give them the love they deserve. She grew up with dogs all her life and has years of dog training and pet sitting experience. Aunty Emily has two young dogs who are fully trained and completely obedient, one female German Shepherd and one male Cattle Dog x Kelpie. Both extremely high energy breeds whom she takes out a few times a day to run and socialise. Aunty Emily is looking forward to caring for pets in your home, walking, daily visits and wedding chauffeuring. She may even be able to take your baby into her home!

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Gavin – Live in 

Stanley and Polar are our 'furbabies' and we wouldn't consider anyone else with their care. Knowing that they are being looked after by professional vet nurses is enormously comforting, especially as they are both ageing. They move into our home and take incredibly care and responsibility - they even wash the sheets Continue Reading

Gavin July 15, 2016