• Kellie and Andrew's PAWFECT
  • Kellie and Andrews PAWFECT Wedding
  • Kellie and Andrew's PAWFECT Wedding
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Kellie and Andrews PAWFECT wedding

Kellie and Andrews PAWFECT wedding

Kellie & Andrew – Millie & Cooper – 03/03/2018 – Braeside Chapel Gold Coast

Meet our newlyweds, Kellie and Andrew. It was an absolute pleasure helping them make their day PAWFECT with their two FURBABIES Millie and Cooper. Their wedding was set at the stunning chapel in Merrimac on the Gold Coast, Braeside Chapel.

Words from Millie and Cooper

Our day begun early in the morning with Aunty Kylie collecting us from our home at 8am. There were people everywhere and Mum was beginning to get ready! We then went to Aunty Kylie’s house for the day. We enjoyed a walk and just simply kicked back. Then it came time to get ready! Millie donned on her bling collar, Cooper had a big brush and place on his bow tie. Then both of us put on our perfume. Cooper’s tie had special meaning to the family. He actually wore it with his Mother’s engagement rings tied to it on the day his Dad proposed.

Aunty Kylie made sure that we had the very special signs we needed for the day too. These included “Daddy here comes your bride” and “Just Married”, as well as the floral garland leads for the photos. Aunty Kylie had to also remember the very important bag she wears, it has the treats and other goodies in it!

Then it was time to get into the pet limo and head to the ceremony! Once we arrived we greeted guests, said hello to Dad and waited very patiently for Mum and the rest of the Bridal Party to arrive. Once they arrived Cooper went with Leah and Millie with Kirra to walk down the aisle. Aunty Kylie went down to the alter so she could collect us once we finished our very important job. The music started and away we went! We walked down so well and in such a straight line the guests and camera people loved us! We then meet Aunty Kylie and she walked us back out of the chapel to wait for the big kiss! Of course we got lots of cuddles and treats once we were out!

After the kiss it was time for photos and we went down towards the water and had a few photos and wardrobe changes. Once Mum and Dad were happy with the photos taken, we all said goodbye and Aunty Kylie popped us back in the limo to head back to hers for sleep overs!


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Written by Pet Minder | Kylie Bennett

My name is Kylie Bennett and 9 years ago I decided to set up a small business minding peoples pets when they were at work, holiday, weddings, family emergencies, etc. Since starting the business as a part time hobby I have enjoyed working with an array of Pets from Dogs & Cats to Snakes, Retiles, Fish, Turtles and so much more!!!! The past 4 years Love Laugh Play has been a full time concern for me. We have successfully built multiple arms of our business and boast a wide scope of services from Healthy Pet Hampers to Pet Wedding Chauffeur as well as Pet Minding/Sitting. Thank you to all my loyal supporters for making my small hobby business become my dream job, with out your support I would not be able to enjoy my work life as much as I currently do! Kylie Bennett