New Pet Transport Limo
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New Pet Transport Limo

New Pet Transport Limo

Love Laugh Play is very excited to announce and welcome, it’s newest member to the team, the new Pet Transport Limo! In addition to our amazing team of Aunties we have a luxury van equipped with all the creature comforts! Now your fur-baby can now be transported in style and comfort to your wedding day!

When choosing Love Laugh Play, Brides and Grooms get to choose as variety of options for their pets. Of course transport is included in all of our wedding chauffeuring packages. Relieving the stress of all the logistics of chauffeuring their special guest to the wedding. Usually Bride’s, Groom’s and their families have to try to juggle timing, travel and organisation on the day, not any longer! 

Love Laugh Play will endeavor to transport all fur-babies in our purpose built pet limo. However, this is the only one in our fleet at the moment so first in best transported! 

Brides and Grooms maybe asking what is so special about our pet limo van?

  • It’s fully air-conditioned
  • The comfy beds
  • Water and food available when we stop for the big day
  • It has a cushy rubber floor
  • Plus there is loads of space to offer, no more cramping up if there is a long drive ahead.

Love Laugh Play has promised to you and your baby a level of care like no other. The pet limo van is just one more way that we are fore-filling that promise. Allowing your baby to be relaxed, pampered,  safe and comfortable on their way to the big day.

Others will know we have a VIP (Very Important Pet) on board later in 2018 when we get the Limo wrapped. However, for now we are focused on how your fur-baby feels inside the limo. Feel free to take a tour inside now by clicking here!

Want to book your baby in to travel inside click here to go to our booking page.



Written by Pet Minder | Kylie Bennett

My name is Kylie Bennett and 9 years ago I decided to set up a small business minding peoples pets when they were at work, holiday, weddings, family emergencies, etc. Since starting the business as a part time hobby I have enjoyed working with an array of Pets from Dogs & Cats to Snakes, Retiles, Fish, Turtles and so much more!!!! The past 4 years Love Laugh Play has been a full time concern for me. We have successfully built multiple arms of our business and boast a wide scope of services from Healthy Pet Hampers to Pet Wedding Chauffeur as well as Pet Minding/Sitting. Thank you to all my loyal supporters for making my small hobby business become my dream job, with out your support I would not be able to enjoy my work life as much as I currently do! Kylie Bennett

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