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Edens Landing, South Brisbane, Veterinary Nurse

Searching for a Pet Sitter Edens Landing South Brisbane? Ashleigh will take care of you!

This is Aunty Ash C or as some people like to call her “that crazy cat lady”. Aunty Ash C is a fur mum to two cats, a pure breed Kelpie, and a Kelpie x greyhound. Ash is LLP Pet Sitter Edens Landing South Brisbane.

Previous to having her little human boy she did actually work for LLP and she also worked in vet clinics as a nurse, as well as volunteering with the rspca, with both the domestic animals and the wildlife clinics. Aunty Ash is now a stay at home mum and has plenty of time, and room in her heart, to love your pets as if they were her own.


Written by Chris