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Assistant Director, Central Gold Coast, Veterinary Nurse
Email: info@llppetminding.com.au

Searching for a Pet Sitter Gold Coast? Meet star aunty Jess!

Aunty Jess is a loving Pet Sitter Gold Coast, from across the sea, she grew up in New Zealand on a farm surrounded by domestic pets and farm animals. She has a lot of experience here with cats and dogs and also farm animals, deer, goats, chickens and pigs, nothing is too much for this Aunty. Jess has completed her certificate IV vet nurse with 8 years experience. Currently practice manager/ head nurse at a large small animal vet clinic. Her fur family consists of her two cats and her spoilt rotten Weimeraner. Jess loves looking after people’s fur babies and will treat them and spoil them as if they were her own. She also loves forming a bond with the fur babies and their owners. Aunty Jess is available for daily visits, live in or in her home, she is also Aunty Kylie’s right hand man and looks after the business when needed.


Written by Chris