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Kellie B

Kellie B
Hinterland Gold Coast

Searching for a Pet Sitter Hinterland Gold Coast? Kellie will take care of you!

I’m a proud mum of two beautiful children Reef and Taura and also a Pet Sitter Hinterland Gold Coast. My children fill my heart up everyday with grateful moments and remind me everyday animals are important around us. I call my daughter the animal whisperer and reef has so much energy all he wants to do is run around outside with our Fur baby Max(miniature dachshund) all day.

My husband and I have built a life up in the Hinterland of Beechmont and live on a property with chickens and fruit trees. My husband and I work at the Australian Outback Spectacular so we have loads of experience with all kids. We are more than excited to cuddle your babies. Aunty Kellie B may not be a veterinary nurse but the utmost care and fun is had in her home and she has the full support of the nursing family within LLP


Written by Chris