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North Brisbane, Veterinary Nurse

Searching for a Pet Sitter North Brisbane? Cara has you covered!

Aunty Cara is passionate about the care and welfare of all animals, and can’t wait to look after your furry, feathered and scaly pets. Cara is LLP Pet Sitter North Brisbane. She has over 2 year’s experience in pet sitting, as well as in medical and rehabilitation visits.

Aunty Cara is a Cert IV qualified veterinary nurse with experience in caring for all types of animals at the RSPCA domestic and wildlife hospitals. Aunty Cara has an 8yo Norwegian Forest Cat who was rescued from the streets as a young kitten. She also lives with her family’s 2 small dogs, cockatiel, and a myriad of wildlife from possums to flying foxes that she cares for as a registered wildlife carer.


Written by Chris