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Santa Paws is coming to town

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa Paws is coming to town. So we ask, are you ready?

With the jolly season fast approaching us. It’s time to think about your fur-baby during the Christmas and new year period! Here are a few helpful hints:

Are you going away?

Do you have your pet booked in to be cared for while you are away? If you do, GREAT! If not you need to get it organised ASAP. Most kennels and pet minding services are getting fully booked so you may find it hard to get the service you would prefer if you don’t get in soon. Also make sure that you have enough food, bedding, toys and medication ready for their holiday!


Do you know where the closest emergency vet is if the they find themselves in some mischief?
If you are going away with your pet make sure you know where the closest vets are. This goes for both after hours and business hours. We hope nothing happens to them but best to know where you are going to go if they do.


Do you know when the fireworks will be near you?
Some pets can find fireworks very scary. So being prepared and knowing when your local areas fireworks will be putting on a show is important to keeping your baby safe.


No extra non pet friendly treats this Christmas.
We know its hard not to give your baby, no matter what kind they are, extra treats. But be careful this festive season.  The Christmas ham is out, the chocolate and what ever other yummy temptations you may have. There is always an influx of gastro and pancreatitis cases this time of year, so make sure the foods that don’t agree with pets is kept out of their reach.


Santa Paws is coming to town
Making sure that your baby has the best Christmas ever means of course they get Santa too! So don’t forget their present under the tree… We suggest putting it under the morning of so that your gifts aren’t ransacked throughout the night!

What to Wear

Some pets hate being dressed up but other love it! Be sure to have something Christmasy for your fur-baby to wear! Remember it gets hot, so be careful selecting their outfit and watch them whilst they are wearing it.

Santa Photos

Loads of shopping centres and pet shops offer Santa photos. Make sure you find out where your local photo centre is so you don’t miss out!

If you haven’t already organised someone to care for your baby while you are away pop over to our booking page here. 

Or to see all the Christmas fun we will get up to jump over to our Facebook page here


Written by Pet Minder | Kylie Bennett

My name is Kylie Bennett and 9 years ago I decided to set up a small business minding peoples pets when they were at work, holiday, weddings, family emergencies, etc. Since starting the business as a part time hobby I have enjoyed working with an array of Pets from Dogs & Cats to Snakes, Retiles, Fish, Turtles and so much more!!!! The past 4 years Love Laugh Play has been a full time concern for me. We have successfully built multiple arms of our business and boast a wide scope of services from Healthy Pet Hampers to Pet Wedding Chauffeur as well as Pet Minding/Sitting. Thank you to all my loyal supporters for making my small hobby business become my dream job, with out your support I would not be able to enjoy my work life as much as I currently do! Kylie Bennett

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